Congratulations to the following Brothers and Sisters in the 2022 Elections for Office in Plumbers Local 55. The following will be sworn in at the JULY Union Meeting:

  • President- Michael Redlin
  • Vice President- James Fatica
  • Business Manager/ Financial Secretary Treasurer- Shawn Gray
  • Business Representative- Fred Hufgard
  • Business Representative- John Hodge
  • Executive Board- Timothy O’Connell, Tyrone Taylor, Paul Hobson, Robert Nimrichter
  • Recording Secretary- James Sherman
  • Inside Sentry- Donald Reinke
  • Examining Board-Nicholas Hnat, Anthony McDivitt, Andrea Keeler
  • Finance Committee- Michael Masterson, Tyler Campfield, Robert Gawronski
  • Realty Corporation Trustee- Christopher Thaxton, Alex Osmic, Jennifer Schultz
  • Health & Welfare Trustee- James Gray, John Suchy, Burt Skeel
  • Pension Trustee- Edward Gavin Jr., Bob Surella, Drew Hancovsky
  • AFL-CIO Delegate- Edmon Staggs